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Body Mechanics Sports Massage Therapy Interview with Jared and Kay Neu

Download PDF file HERE Jared is a 15 year old soccer player living in Oregon.  His mother is the sister of one of the Body Mechanics therapists, Cheryl Allison. When Cheryl was recently visiting the Neumann family, she applied Body Mechanics ‘Optimized Athletic Performance®’ techniques to her nephew...

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Frank Omiyale Interview

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Recorded interview with Frank Omiyale (Chicago Bears) on November 11th 2009, at 4:09 PM

John: I am calling to speak to you about your experience with Body Mechanics in Athletics

John: I have been working with Body Mechanics in marketing their program for Teen Athletes, and I thought I would ask you about your experience with using Massage in helping you be successful in your career.  How long have you been in the NFL?

Frank: Five years.

John: What position do you play?

Frank: Offensive Line

John: I understand that when you were in Atlanta you worked with Peggy Poland. Is that right?  What was your impression of Body Mechanics as a massage therapy group?

Frank: My experience was that they were experts in their field.  They knew a lot about the body, muscles and how they all work together.  The biggest thing I learned was how one thing could be connected to another as far as having problems. Peggy and Body Mechanics did a great job of working on things that I didn’t even know needed to be worked on.  They helped me to get better, and do my job.

John: Your body is your business, so you have to look after it, right?

Frank: Right.  In one incident I was having some groin issues and Body Mechanics gave me some exercises to help keep my hips straight, because they were misaligned a little bit. That was a pretty big deal, because it helped me get back into playing again.

John: That sounds like it was really helpful. Do you still get Body Mechanics massage when you get back to Atlanta?

Frank: I haven’t been back in a while, but I still keep in touch.

John: Do you have someone you get massages from in Chicago now?

Frank: Yes, I have someone here, but they are not the same as Body Mechanics was.

John: It seems that you know that this is a technique that keeps you going as a professional football player.  In talking to other professional athletes, they are talking about Body Mechanics massage therapy in terms of helping extend their professional careers.  Do you think that it is working that way for you?

Frank: Yes, it certainly is.

John: What Body Mechanics is now doing (with my help) is developing a program for teen age athletes to bring the same level of professional massage therapy to them, like we have been doing since 1994 with the professional athletes.

John: We are starting to market this to teen age athletes who need this treatment just as much as the pro’s, but don’t know about this program (until we tell them).  Of course there are a lot more teens than pro’s.  We will be telling the Body Mechanics story to coaches, athletic directors etc. as a way to help them get started in using Massage Therapy to help improve their careers even as early as 14 or 15 years old. That is a program we are working on right now.

Frank: That sounds good.

John:  Would it be OK if we used some of your remarks in some of our marketing material?

Frank: Yes, I am fine with your using my experience.

John:  Thank you very much for your insights, and we will use your remarks to help Teens.