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Body Mechanics Sports Massage Therapy- Brian Glotzbach, Don Myers and

High Ankle Sprain High Ankle Sprain is an injury to the syndesmotic ligaments of the tibia and fibula. This involves sprain to the anterior and possibly posterior tibial fibular ligaments. It gets the name “high” because the injury and pain is above the ankle joint between the malleolus. The...

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Mike Galla, Parent

My family and I have been going to Body Mechanics for 10 plus years.  I have 3 athletic  sons, who regularly go to Body Mechanics to learn how to prevent injuries and recover from them quickly. My son Nat (blocking back at Marist) was dinged up, and Body Mechanics got him back playing pain free. I personally recommend Body Mechanics because they have the knack of knowing where you need treatment and getting you feeling fit and ready to play.