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Body Mechanics Sports Massage Therapy Interview with Jared and Kay Neu

Download PDF file HERE Jared is a 15 year old soccer player living in Oregon.  His mother is the sister of one of the Body Mechanics therapists, Cheryl Allison. When Cheryl was recently visiting the Neumann family, she applied Body Mechanics ‘Optimized Athletic Performance®’ techniques to her nephew...

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The Winning Edge for Teen Athletes

A Guide for Coaches and Parents

Body Mechanics can make the competitive difference for your teen, and team.

Here is how:

1. We use athletic sports massage to overcome injuries.
2. We teach you how to prevent athletic injuries.
3. Massage therapy (done the Body Mechanics way) makes the athlete quicker, stronger, and more resilient. The athlete feels the results immediately after the massage session.
4. We show you how to prepare for your game so that your body is at its peak of performance.
5. We evaluate you and build a personalized treatment protocol, each session, to allow your body to excel!
6. We educate the athlete in how to prepare for competition, including the importance of nutrition, stretching, sleep and stress management.

Why is this important for a coach, athletic

director, trainer or club director?

1. Of course, everyone wants a winning team, but you may not have the time or expertise to teach each individual athlete how to ‘Optimize Athletic Performance®’ as Body Mechanics can.
2. Body Mechanics has been providing a ‘winning edge’ to professional and Olympic athletes since 1994.We have the experience and techniques to bring this capability to young athletes, such as your team members.
3. We have well-known professional athlete endorsements, as a player, as a parent, and as coach and agent. Many of our professional clients have been able to use Body Mechanics to extend their playing career for years after their peers retired.
4. When your team’s star player is injured, we can often use our advanced massage techniques to sometimes produce a nearly miraculous recovery. This is often the best and quickest (and least expensive) way to help a player overcome their injury.
5. We help athletes excel without drugs, medical or surgical intervention, and surprisingly inexpensively.
6. Because our specialty is in athletic massage, we use our knowledge of the mechanics of the athlete’s body to “Optimize Athletic Performance®” into a competitive advantage for our clients.
7. One of the missions of any sports team is education of the team members in more than just athletic competition. We are experienced in communicating to teen age athletes the many other lessons that
are important not only to performance on the team, but in life as well. We are often the only professionals who can work one on one with the athlete and their family to make the connection between athletic as well as ethical values.

Why is this important for parents?

1. Parents of teen athletes live in constant tension. They want their child to excel, but don’t know how to help them. They are also concerned that the athlete does not overcome them as a person. Plus there are usually communications issues common to teen age growing up.
2. Body Mechanics has experience with teen athletes from early ages (in some cases, as early as 12 years old) in a wide variety of athletic endeavors (including football, basketball, soccer, baseball, softball and gymnastics). We can and do help them all achieve performance at their maximum ability.
3. Because we include the teen’s family during the sessions (legally required if they are under 18), we teach the athlete and the parent concurrently, those things that will make a difference to the teen. The ability to make the family part of the “teen’s team”, helps both work together for success in life as
well as athletics.
4. Body Mechanics Sports Massage Therapy (our official name) is often the least cost and most effective way to provide a teen athlete increased performance and less pain. This is a combination hard to beat.
5. Some teens look forward to playing in college and professional sports. The reality is that few really make it in such arenas, but based on our experience working with such athletes since 1994, our clients have been more successful in moving on past high school athletics than their peers. We make no
guarantees, but do observe the pattern.