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Body Mechanics Sports Massage Therapy Interview with Retired NFL Player Lester Archambeau

Posted by admin | Posted in Testinonals category | Posted on 09-12-2009


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Brian Glotzbach suggested I contact Lester Archambeau as someone with many years
experience with Body Mechanics Sports Massage Therapy. This interview was transcribed from
the recording I made of our conversation.
Body Mechanics and my NFL career:
Brian and his staff at Body Mechanics helped me survive the 2nd half of my NFL career. While
they helped me recover from the usual stuff (low back pain, shoulder pain, tendonitis). The
biggest issue I had was a nagging groin injury that last half of my NFL season. Every week
following the injury I would wonder how I was going to feel good enough to play. Yet, after time
on Brian’s table, I was good to go on Sunday again. Turns out, I had symptoms leading up to
‘malnap’ (an athletic neuralgia – a sports hernia). The doctors were misdiagnosing my problem
and were unable to give me any kind of relief, so I could do what I did professionally. But, Body
Mechanics were great and they helped me play through my season with that problem.
For me, the things Body Mechanics massage helped me through were fantastic.
But the other piece for me (and I think it is even more important for the market you are
looking at) is just general injury prevention.
In 1996 I learned about taking care of my body from Brian Glotzbach of Body Mechanics.
Brian and Body Mechanics was the first massage therapist group that I found I could trust to
help in my athletic performance.
Body Mechanics did a ton of work on me while I was playing. They helped me feel good going
into my Sunday competition, and also helped me recover on Monday after those competitions.
The Body Mechanics’ approach was amazing in enabling me to perform, while avoiding serious
injuries. In fact, after 1996 I never had a strained or pulled muscle. The only serious injury I had
only one high ankle sprain with which they helped me.
Body Mechanics allowed me to be more athletic. They enabled me to keep my explosiveness
and speed up and avoid injuries.
I played 11 years in the NFL, and I never missed a game due to Injury. An exception is when I
broke a thumb and missed a game.
And so for me I always felt like what I did with Brian and Body Mechanics allowed me to stay
healthy through my 11 year professional career, playing 16 games per year.
Body Mechanics from a parent’s point of view:
I personally see this therapy fits for athletes of all ages of all kinds. You don’t have to be a
highly competitive athlete to benefit from this sort of massage. There is a cost involved, of
course, and that shrinks the pool of people who can take advantage of your practice.
I always refer people I know all the time. Not everyone takes me up on it, but high school
athletes who have injuries, I refer them and they usually get very positive results.
12/6/2009 7:26 PM
As a Professional Sport Agent for NFL Athletes:
I have been a sports agent for the last 6 years, and I often send my clients for massage therapy
as well. Body Mechanics have seen a number of my clients over the years with repetitive
So from all angles; for my clients, as a parent, and as a 11 year NFL professional I can and do
enthusiastically recommend Body Mechanics as a great way to improve performance and
prevent or ameliorate injuries.
Lester Archambeau
Atlanta, GA

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