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Body Mechanics Sports Massage Therapy Interview with Retired NFL Playe

Download PDF file HERE Brian Glotzbach suggested I contact Lester Archambeau as someone with many years experience with Body Mechanics Sports Massage Therapy. This interview was transcribed from the recording I made of our conversation. Body Mechanics and my NFL career: Brian and his staff at Body Mechanics...

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Body Mechanics Sports Massage Therapy Interview with Jared and Kay Neumann

Posted by admin | Posted in Testinonals category | Posted on 23-11-2009


Download PDF file HERE

Jared is a 15 year old soccer player living in Oregon.Ā  His mother is the sister of one of the Body Mechanics therapists, Cheryl Allison.

When Cheryl was recently visiting the Neumann family, she applied Body Mechanics ā€˜Optimized Athletic PerformanceĀ®ā€™ techniques to her nephew Jared.

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