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Body Mechanics Sports Massage Therapy interview with Artie Ulmer

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Artie Ulmer Interview

Retired NFL Player

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This interview recorded November 8th, 2009 at 7:48 pm by John Alderman for Body Mechanics Artie Ulmer Interview
John: Hello Artie Ulmer – I contacted you because Don Myers said that you had been a client of Body Mechanics for a number of years when you played pro football and that you had a positive experience with Body Mechanics massage therapy. As you know, Body Mechanics has been doing athletic massage since 1994; and we’ve decided that a good market for athletic massage is high school students.
Artie: I’m actually in college right now.
John: I see. What college?
Artie: Georgia State.
John: I guess you’ve had some experience with Body Mechanics massage, right?
Artie: Right, exactly
John: How long ago was that?
Artie: I saw Don [Myers of Body Mechanics] from 2001 to 2006.
John: You’ve had good experience with that. Did Don Myers work on you?
Artie: Yeah, Don, and actually I started off with his wife, Louann [Nannini].
John: Can you give me some background – what’s your playing experience?
Artie: I played nine years in the NFL.
John: What position did you play?
Artie: Line-backer
John: Nine years is a pretty good run. That’s a tough business, and I’m sure you were injured a lot. That’s what the Body Mechanics people are noted for helping with. Where did you play? You must have played with the Falcons for at least a while, is that right?
Artie: Yeah, I played with Atlanta, Minnesota, Denver, and San Francisco.
John: How long has it been since you’ve been playing?
Artie: I retired after the 2005 season.
John: Where are you going to school?
Artie: I am going to Georgia State for Health and Physical Education.
John: That’s a good thing, and now is a good time to be going to school because at least you can get some education while the economy recovers a little bit, right?
Artie: Yeah, exactly
John: What experiences have you had from Body Mechanics? Could you tell me of a situation where you had a problem and they worked on you?
Artie: Oh, yeah, I mean my neck was messed up for years. It still is. They took care of it, and took care of my shoulders (a lot of pain came from my shoulders). I had ACL surgery, and I also had a PCL tear that was basically allowed to scar over. That’s how it repaired itself. They took care of a lot of things that I don’t think my trainers realized might get injured. You have little scrapes and stuff like that. It’s not the injured part that’s going to mess up on you again; it’s the stuff around it. You start compensating for the part that hurts and it creates problems with other muscles. Body Mechanics and Don took great care of me, to make sure if I did break down they were able to pinpoint the exact problem and take care of it immediately.
John: I appreciate your getting a chance to talk to me. I’ve had a couple of meetings with some high school coaches already. That’s gone very well. I think a lot of the high schools could really use this as an unsanctioned augmentation to their existing programs.
Artie: Yeah, the thing is I don’t know how that works with high school, purely the monetary problems with public schools. I know how much schools are cutting back budgets now and everything like that.
John: All of our massage therapy sessions are paid for by the parents; obviously the schools can’t pay for it. Because the program is paid for by parents, this therapy is not considered a sanctioned conditioning program which is sometimes restricted.
Artie: Right
John: On the other hand, massage therapy is not that expensive. Parents see their kids as potentially going on to playing in college and maybe into the pros. They will pay for athletic massage to improve their kid’s chances for the future, right?
Artie: Oh, I agree. I see it every day especially now the kids are bigger and faster and stronger than we were in high school. I mean they are breaking down just like they do in college. And they play year round. That’s the crazy thing now. It isn’t just three months of the year. It’s pretty much year
round for the kids.
John: I’ve been a friend of both Louann and Don and the rest of the Body Mechanics people for a long time. I used to be Louann Nannini’s client myself a number of years ago. I’ve come in now to do some business management and some marketing for them. This is my chance to help Body Mechanics get their act together and get to be a real company and a force in this area. They have a terrific reputation for doing this very well.
Artie: I agree. I like their whole just their demeanor, the people they are.
John: That’s really great – that’s exactly the sort of thing I want to hear. I’ve been recording this. Would you mind if I used some of your remarks in some of our marketing stuff?
Artie: No, not at all
John: What I’ll do is (it probably won’t happen for a few days or so) put together a transcription of
what we talked about today and ship that over to you and get you to look at it. One thing we are very careful to do is whenever we talk to an athlete like this we only use it with your explicit permission because we don’t what to mess that up.
John: Thanks, Artie. I appreciate your returning my call. Thanks a lot. Talk to you later,

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